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Gem Magic (ジェムマジック, Jemumajikku) is a special form of holder magic, only know being used for Tohsaka family.

Overview Edit

Gem Magic allows the user to use Magic gems to perform magic, what are created from ethernano of the own user. To create gems, the user need to perform a special ritual, doing them unable to create gems during a fight. The size of the gems vary with the magical power used in the ritual.To actually use magic with them, the user needs to recite a enchant right before doing the magic, the most powerful the magic, longest enchant.The gems are know to being limited capable of manipulating eight basics elements who can be combined with others to create subspecies elements

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Spells Edit

1.Fire Edit

Fire Vortex(火災渦, Kasai Uzu): After reciting the enchant "Brennendes Feuer" the gems are send flying to the target, when it touchs the target it cracks doing it getting surrounded from small shinning shards who gets into fire, The shards rotate around the enemy, creating a big fireball around it.

The user also can generate fire from the gem.

Explosion Edit

2.Water Edit

Depths(深さの破砕, Donzoku): After reciting "Wasser aus der Tiefe" the gems are send at the target, they touch it and Water is summoned from the gem who dissapears while the water entangles and trap the target and drow it slowy

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3.Light Edit

Sacred Light(聖なる光, Seinaru hikari): After reciting "Gottliche Lich", the gem who the user casted the spell shines sorely doing anyone else at the area get blinded for some time.

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4.Lightning Edit

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5.Wind Edit

Hurricane(ハリケーン, Harikēn):After reciting "Wind Hügel" , the gem the caster is holding creates a savage wind shell around it who expands, pushing everything near the caster away.

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Storm Edit

6.Sound Edit

Hell Noise(地獄のノイズ, Jigoku no noizu): After reciting "Lärm aus der Hölle" a weird and loud sound come out from the gem who breaks, getting the enemy to feel confused and causes headaches, normally used to confuse the target and create an opening

7.Gravity Edit

Weight Change(体重変化, Taijū henka):This spell dont requieres any enchant, just by having the gem touching you the user is capable of doing himself lighter/heavier to some point.

8.Life Edit

Life gem(ライフジェム, Raifujemu):This spell dont requieres any enchant, The user simply hold the gem at the ground, giving it the 8th type of energy(Life), The gems starts to shine into a green aura, and plants and vegetation starts to grow at the gem magic radius.

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