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Gravity magic(重力魔法, Jūryoku mahō) is a form of caster or holder magic who allows the user to manipulate and create gravity.

Description Edit

Gravity magic allows the user to manipulate and create gravity for various purposes, being a very versatile magic , most of all gravity magic users use it into a different way with a different fightning style. This magic is considerable common, doing able to find a lot of wizards using it around the world.

Spells Edit

Rin Tohsaka Spell's Edit

Rin uses gravitys magic to amplify his sword skills, using it together with his techniques and as a supplementary magic.

  • Weight change: Using gravity magic Rin is capable of turning himself lightier, being able to turn himself faster and agile.
  • Crush : Rin turns the enemy torso the centre of the gravity of a area of 10 meters, then Rin turns the gravity to 15 times the gravity of the earth doing the enemy getting crushed and everything at 10 meters is pulled to the enemy body.
  • Impact : Rin uses it combining the magic with ur sheated sword, when he hit the enemy with it the impact generated is amplified by this spell, it costs low magic power soo he uses it almost always.