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Magnus Vol Heart (マグナスヴォイスハート)

About Me

I am an assassin that works under the Rubik's Cube Division. The head of the division is commander Black. He assigns me target and it is my job to eliminate them.


I remember waking up in front of my burning house, a rope tied my mother and another tied me. Someone standing in front of my mother with a gun pointing to her head. The gun fired with a Bang! And the bullet went through her head. "Noooooooo!" I screamed. The next thing I know is that I am on a van, the door closed. I saw my dad banging at the door, and he was killed a few seconds later by machine gun fire. Someone opened the van door and I tried to get out, but he slammed the gun on my head and I fell unconscious. The next time I woke up I was sitting on a metal chair, a handcuff binding my hands from moving. There was a man that seems like the leader sitting in front of me, with several bodyguards surrounding him. I wasn't sure who he was but I was sure he was behind the death of my parents. "You F**KING Murderer!!" I screamed at him, struggling to break myself free. "I am just here to take some of your blood." He said. "You F**KING Murderer!! You ordered your people to murder my parents!! DIDN'T YOU?" I screamed again. "Calm him down" The leader said. One of the bodyguards walked to me and punched me hard on the face, blood spilled on the table. The bodyguard that punched me used a cotton swab to wipe the blood off the table and gave it to the commander. The commander took out a tube filled with solution, and dip the cotton swab into the solution. The solution turned purple. "Finally." The commander said. "After all of these tries..." The commander pressed a button and the metal wall behind him opened, showing dozens of test tubes with solutions in them, but instead of the color purple, they are all yellow. "After so many tests, you are the only one, the only one that can do my job for me." The commander said. "What job? What are you talking about?" I yelled. "It doesn't matter, we are going to wipe your memory away anyways." Before I could ask, one of the bodyguards walked behind me and