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Mass Manipulation Magic(マス操作魔法, Masu sōsa mahō) is an advanced form of caster magic.

Description Edit

An advanced and complex magic, which allows the user to manipulate the size of the matter, increasing or decreasing it proportion at it will. This magic can also be used on people and living beings.

As this is a complex magic which requieres advanced knowlegde about the construction of the matter and vast amount of magical energy to utilize properly, results in it being a rare form of magic just being used by a few individuals.

When used, the caster normally point its hand to the object/living being and as a green aura glows around both, the caster utilizes its magical energy to alter the construction of the object doing it shrink or multiply its size.

The user normally have a default area which he can use its magic, naturally being around 20 meters radius. But with focus and training the caster can upgrade its size. An example is Rin Tohsaka which has the magic area of 32 meters radius.